Our Philosophy


Accessibility Barriers

Fragrance Free Mama recognizes that fragrance creates accessibility barriers for many people. Access is extremely limited  to necessary or social events, such as medical care, grocery stores, religious services, weddings, funerals, family reunions, restaurants, and, in general, anywhere that the public gathers.

A Fragrance Free Mama is:

  • A woman or mother who recognizes the environmental hazards of chemical fragrance in personal and household products and chooses to make the necessary changes to improve her own health and the health of others around her.
  • She is environmentally and socially conscious of the harmful effects that fragrance can have on any individual at any given time and refrains from exposing others to harmful products.

Essential Oils

  • While Fragrance Free Mama recognizes the therapeutic benefits of Essentials Oils provided through a trained Aromatherapist and that many people also use Essential Oils in their homes for various reasons, we also recognize that they can be just as harmful as Chemical Fragrance for many people and can create accessibility barriers. 

Fragranced Mamas

We are aware that many women are just taking the first steps in their lives to change the products they use. These are all important steps. We hope that you find valuable information on our site that will help you on your path in reducing toxic exposure. 

Social Media



Our Facebook group is a place where women and mamas can exchange and explore new ideas on green cleaning, personal care products and being fragrance free.